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If a child is absent, parents/carers should telephone the school on the first day of the absence to give a reason. Where possible, a note should be written/completed and given to the class teacher on the day the child returns to school confirming the reason for absence. The school will then decide whether to authorise the absence.

There are two types of absence:
· Authorised – where the school approves pupil absence
· Unauthorised – where the school will not approve absence

If parents/carers fail to inform the school on the first day of absence, then the school will contact the home by a phone call or text, following this with a letter after any period of unexplained absence. The Education Welfare Officer makes frequent visits to the school to monitor attendance and punctuality. Parents should aim to ensure that their child has an attendance of at least 96%.

Parents/carers who are worried about their child’s absences should talk to the headteacher and likewise the school will contact parents/carers if there is any concern about a child’s record of attendance.

Planned absences from school (unless for a medical reason) are not allowed. Any parent/carer who wants to discuss particular family circumstances must arrange an appointment with the headteacher.

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