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Governors’ Attendance 2015-2016

Governors 2016-17 update

Register of Interests 2016-17

As governors of a faith school we hold an important public office.  It is a responsibility that we take very seriously.  Accordingly, we have adopted a Code of Conduct for School Governors, to ensure that we are at all times acting in accordance with “best practice”.

As governors our role we have to ensure that the school adheres to:

Establishing Strategic Direction by:

1)       Setting the vision, values and objectives for the school.  

2)       Agreeing the School Improvement Plan, with strategies and targets and

3)       Meeting all statutory duties.

Ensuring Accountability by:

1)       Appointing the Head teacher;

2)       Monitoring progress towards targets;

3)       Performance managing the Head teacher;

4)       Engaging with Stakeholders and

5)       Contributing to the school self-evaluation.

Ensuring Financial Probity by:

1)       Setting the budget;

2)       Monitoring spending against the budget;

3)       Ensuring value for money is obtained and

4)       Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed.

 The Governing Body

Valid from September 2016

The Governing Body now comprises of:

  • The Head teacher (Mrs Sue Barber);
  • 7 Foundation Governors (Canon Michael Cooley, Father  Christopher Pearson, Mr Andrew Hurley, Mrs Bernice Chitnis, Miss Catherine Bryan, Ms Omolayo Sokoya  and one vacancy ;
  • 1 Local Authority Governor (Mrs Sarah Shucksmith);
  • 2 Parent Governors (Ms Milana Silva and Mr John Owusu-Agykem)
  • 1 staff governor (Mr Stephen Fulton) and
  • 1 Associate Member (Ms Opal Ince)Our Associate Governor does not have voting rights at full Governing Body meetings but she does at Committee meetings.Margaret Bruce is our clerk.  She is a professional clerk with the Local Authority’s clerking service and she clerks all of our meetings.

What we do
The Governors are led by the Chair of Governors but as a body it has many specific responsibilities which are defined the school’s  various Schemes of Delegation, whereby specific powers are delegated to specialist sub-committees.As a Governing Body we also have our own Terms of Reference (see below) which sets out the responsibilities of each of our committees.Each Governor is a member of at least one committee and also attends full Governing Body meetings.Governors meet regularly with the senior leadership team and regularly conduct school visits to meet with staff and children, to make sure they are informed about the curriculum and how it is being delivered.

Finance and Premises Committee is chaired by John Owusu AgyekumTo oversee the preparation of the annual budget plan and ensure it links to the school development plan priorities.

To approve the final budget or recommend it for approval to the full governing body.
To ensure that the school’s delegated budget is administered in accordance with the LA’s Scheme for Financing Schools.
To ensure that the school meets the current statutory requirements for finance in the audit (bi-annual).
To ensure a Scheme of Delegation that clearly defines the responsibilities of the Governing Body, Headteacher and School Staff for the financial, human and asset resource management of the school is established and recommended to the Governing Body for approval.
To monitor the expenditure of the school’s annual budget share.
To consider any audit report and respond to the recommendations of such reports.
To monitor the expenditure of all voluntary funds kept on behalf of the Governing Body.
To ensure that any virements between budget heads are in accordance with the levels set and in accordance with the LA’s Scheme for Financing Schools and the School’s Scheme of Delegation.
To determine any other matters referred to the Committee by the Governing Body

Delegated Functions – Premises

To approve plans for the improvement and maintenance of the premises and grounds within the budget allocation.
To ensure a health and safety policy is in place.
To ensure compliance with statutory health and safety regulations and carry out regular reviews of risk assessments.
To ensure adequate premises, contents and public liability insurance is in place.
To ensure all reasonable efforts are made to achieve maximum energy conservation.
To exercise with the Headteacher responsibility for the use of school premises both during and outside the school day.
To set (where appropriate) a charging and letting policy for use of the school premises.
To determine, within the budget allocation, the provision of services relating to facilities management and grounds maintenance (including the approval and monitoring of any contracts for such services).
To ensure day-to-day repairs and maintenance are monitored.
To establish and keep under review the premises elements of the accessibility plan.

 Personnel Committee is chaired by Andrew Hurley

To approve the staffing complement and staffing structure (both teaching and non-teaching) for the school.
The Governing Body delegates to the Headteacher the appointment of staff, except to the posts of Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher.  When a vacancy arises for a Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher post a selection panel must be appointed by the full Governing Body in accordance with statutory regulations.  The appointment of Assistant Headteachers is delegated to the Personnel Committee.
To adopt and review a pay policy.
To adopt and review a performance management policy.
To receive the Headteacher’s written reports about the operation of the performance management policy.
To carry out an annual salary review of teaching staff (and if appropriate other staff) working at the school.
To consider and determine recommendations for performance pay awards.
To establish and review policies and procedures for staff discipline, capability and grievance.
To ensure that provision is made for the continuing professional development (CPD) of staff.
To determine any other matters referred to the Committee by the Governing Body.


Curriculum and Achievement Committee is chaired by Catherine Bryan

To agree, amend or reject the curriculum policy drafted by the headteacher.
To ensure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based.
To ensure that every learner receives the full statutory curriculum (National Curriculum and EYFS framework).
To consider reports on pupil progress and to set statutory targets for pupil performance.
To establish a sex and relationship education policy (SRE) and make it available to parents.
To ensure that religious education (RE) and collective worship are provided in accordance with statutory requirements.
To agree a special educational needs policy and ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for pupils with special educational needs and that these take account of the SEND Code of Practice.
To ensure provision is in place for raising the attainment of looked after children.
To adopt and review a disability equality scheme and action plan and other policies relating to equalities including the curriculum elements of the accessibility plan.
To keep under review the school’s self evaluation process and the self evaluation form (SEF).
To determine any other matters referred to the Committee by the Governing Body.

Children, Families and Community Committee is chaired by tbc

To review a safeguarding (child protection) policy, recommend it to the Governing Body and to monitor its implementation and the effectiveness of school practices.
To ensure that a behaviour policy is in place and to monitor records of behaviour incidents.
To review the attendance policy, monitor pupil attendance and punctuality and set attendance targets.
To ensure that admissions and attendance registers are kept in accordance with statutory requirements.
To ensure that the school fulfils its responsibilities to keep children safe through the provision of a curriculum which addresses issues such as  anti-bullying, e-safety, road safety.
To ensure that the Governing Body and school promotes community cohesion.
To ensure that a home-school agreement is in place.
To review how the school works with parents and others in the community in the best interests of the children.
To ensure that the school complies with the requirement to provide information online.
To ensure that the school promotes SMSC development of all pupils, including through the extent to which pupils engage in extra-curricular activity.
To make, and from time to time review, a written statement of principles to guide the headteacher in determining the measures that make up the school’s behaviour policy.

Governor Skills

Every governor is a volunteer who gives their time freely to the School.  Each governor has their own expertise but all of our collective skills help us to work as an effective and coherent body.

As a Governing Body we regularly carry out a skills audit so that we can identify areas in which we can develop and strengthen the team.

All governors are encouraged to undertake core governor training (including induction for new governors when appointed, role and responsibilities, school curriculum, SEN, school finance, personnel framework, Preparing for Ofsted) as well as specialist training provided by the Local Authority, school staff, and independent facilitators (including Raise online, SEN and Safeguarding issues) to make sure we have a well-trained Governing Body.

Our training is geared to ensuring that we have a safe and happy school where each child makes progress.  We regularly analysis pupil data to consider the progress of all cohorts within the school and also compare Saint Joseph’s with other schools both locally and nationally to assist us in identifying areas of improvement.

We have appointed a number of link governor roles:

Special Educational Needs and Disability – Catherine Bryan

Safeguarding – Catherine Bryan

Health and Safety – Andrew Hurley and Opal Ince

Each class also has a governor assigned to it. It is expected that the governor will follow the cohort as it progresses up through the school.

Contacting Governors

  1. Writing to the Chair of Governors and giving the letter to the school office who will ensure that the Chair is notified immediately.
  2. Please email us on governors@st-josephs-borough.southwark.sch.uk
  3. The School’s Complaint’s Policy which sets out the avenues that parents/carers can follow if they have a complaint.  A copy can be found at the Policy section of the website.