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Worship in School

At Saint Joseph’s, we work to make our prayer, liturgy and worship an expression of our community in Christ. These religious activities should be both:

  • a real spiritual experience which will help to develop the faith of each individual in the school community, and
  • a celebration of all that happens in the life of our school and the wider world, both the good things and the bad.

Through the Catholic life of our school we encourage the children to come to know Jesus in a personal way. We aim to reflect such personal Catholic faith in each classroom and in the school generally by material displays and by activities. These include:

  • a prayer space in each classroom as a focus for our daily prayer and to display our Home-School Prayer book. Prayer spaces are changed regularly to reflect the Liturgical Year;
  • assemblies, non-Eucharistic liturgies and music practices to encourage children to contribute their skills;
  • gifts in a spirit of offering and sharing.

Throughout the school year, we celebrate the Seasons of the Church with a variety of spiritual experiences including:

  • weekly liturgies during Advent and Lent;
  • Class Masses, liturgies and assemblies;
  • Whole school Mass
  • Liturgies for St Joseph’s Feast Day,  (The spiritual growth and Christian faith of our children are nurtured in the family, at school and within the parish. We all work together so that they may develop to their maturity.
  • Silent Prayer (KS2)
  • Visits to churches including St George’s Cathedral, Aylesford Friary, Wintershall to see ‘The Life of Christ’.
  • opportunities for families to contribute to the prayer life of the school.