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In Geography children start with aspects that are familiar to them, the focus is then extended to the local area and finally beyond, to the wider world.

Through the use of such resources as globes, atlases, maps, photographs, video clips and the internet, the children are introduced to other places, people, climates, economies and physical features. In this way, Geography extends the children’s skills, knowledge and understanding about the changing world we live in. The curriculum is frequently taught in tandem with other curriculum areas, e.g. English and Science.

We make good use of our location and transport links to learn about areas or features close to us or further afield, such as the River Thames and the Borough Market and the coast. Every year during the autumn term, we celebrate the diversity of our community by holding a special ‘One World’ week when each class studies and learns about a particular country and its culture.  This gives the whole school community the chance to celebrate and embrace the richness of our cultural backgrounds.

Geography Curriculum