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Music plays an important part in the life of every child at Saint Joseph’s. A specialist music instructor works one day a week in the school.There are weekly singing practices to support the liturgical year. These encourage the children to pray in song and understand the meaning and value of singing in worship.

At key stage assemblies, the children are introduced to recorded music of many different types so that they become accustomed to listening to and appreciating a variety of musical styles and instruments. In the early years the children experiment with sound using a wide range of percussion instruments, enjoy listening to a variety of music, and use singing to learn numbers, phonics and stories.

In Key Stages 1 and 2, music is taught in a cross-curricular way, using topic themes as an inspiration. Activities include singing, listening and composition. Year 5 children have a series of ten music workshops in areas such as Samba or African Drumming. Visits (eg Blackheath Conservatoire or English National Opera) and visitors enhance the curriculum. At the end of the school year, Year 6 put on a musical for the school community.

There is a school choir which has frequently performed at events in the local area. Recorder tuition is given to children in Key stage 2 and children in Years 5 and 6 accompany singing in assemblies and liturgies with recorders.

Opportunities are provided for the KS2 children to learn the violin in an after school club.

Curriculum Overview – Music