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Physical Education

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At Saint Joseph’s, we are committed to promoting the health and well-being of everyone in our community.

Physical Education (PE)

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 participates in at two hours of PE each week, one of which is skills (including agility, balance and coordination) based. This may involve a range of sports including football, netball, basketball, tennis, cricket and rounders as well as other physical activities such as gymnastics, athletics, dance and general fitness sessions. We also have table tennis tables which the Year 5 and 6 children are given the opportunity to use in adult led sessions to develop hand-eye coordination and general concentration and movement skills. Children in Years 3/ 4 are also provided with a year of swimming lessons at a local swimming pool. Nursery and Reception classes have a weekly PE session with a focus on balance, movement and using space.

The school employs two experienced Sports’ Coaches  which ensures that the children are able to work with adults who are specialists in PE as well as the class teachers.

The school is part of the Bacon’s College Sports’ Partnership and as such have participated in different sporting activities with other schools during the school day. These usually take place at a local park and are generally for children in KS2.

Recreational activities

The school playground has a section which is designated for the playing of ball games at break time and lunch. Each class has an allocated time but there is also a range of other equipment (eg skipping ropes, balancing equipment) for the children to use in their breaks. The coaches also work during some of the breaks encouraging and organising different physical activities and games for the children to join in with.

Early Years Foundation Stage

In Nursery and Reception, the children are encouraged to use the shared outside space to develop important physical skills and co-ordination. There is a range of bikes and scooters as well as climbing apparatus. Other activities promote the development of basic skills such as throwing, catching, running and skipping. Reception class also have weekly PE lesson in the school hall.

Extra curricular activities

We are able to offer after school sports clubs to all KS1 and 2 classes. Due to the popularity of these, children are given the opportunity to participate on a rolling basis so that as many children as possible are able to be included. The cost of these to parents is usually nothing, or very minimal. There is also a before school sports mentoring session on Thursdays.

We live in a competitive world and at Saint Joseph’s we like to provide the older children with opportunity to be involved with inter school tournaments. Through this, they learn the importance of team work, leadership and the ability take the winning and losing experiences in their stride! We have entered boys’ teams, girls’ teams and mixed teams into football, rounders and netball tournaments. Although we are only a small school, we have been delighted by the children’s achievements, their teamwork and positive attitudes.

Residential Trip

For the past ten years, we have taken our Year 6 children on a five day camping trip to a small site run by an Outdoor Activity Organisation in Northern France. During their stay, the children enjoy trying out a range of outdoor activities such as kayaking, climbing, archery, sailing, high ropes and fencing. As they are camping, there are also plenty of other outdoor leisure activities for the children to experience and enjoy!


The school is well resourced with equipment for the children to use in PE and breaks including:

tennis nets, racquets and balls; throw down lines; bibs and sports kits; athletics equipment; low and high hurdles; long jump mats; foam javelins; batons etc.

In the Foundation Stage there are tunnels, crawling mats, number tubs, quits, balls, wheeled equipment, quoits, bean bags and hoops.

At lunch time, play monitors help organise games and the use of a range of equipment. In our outside area, there is a whiteboard for scoring and external lighting for the darker evenings.

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